When Toaster was surrendered to the Lincoln County Humane Society he was thin, had a poor appetite, was drinking and urinating a lot, had a large bleeding mass on his chin and he was riddled with arthritis. We fell in love with this old man immediately. Unfortunately, because of his age and health problems he was not a good candidate for adoption. Toaster went to live with one of Huntington Animal Hospital's technicians so he could remain under our care. 

Bloodwork revealed that Toaster was suffering from early kidney disease. To help support his kidneys he is eating a veterinary renal diet and receiving supplements daily. To help relieve his pain associated with arthritis he is receiving Gabapentin daily. Once healthy, Toaster underwent anesthesia and had the mass on his chin removed. The mass was diagnosed as a squamous cell carcinoma on histopathology. His chin has healed well and currently there is no sign of the mass returning.